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Join the Federal Marketplace as a Certified Minority or Disadvantaged Owned Small Business!

Every year the Federal Government spends more than $70B  on small disadvantaged business entities.


Our job is to make sure you are set up to receive every penny of what you qualify for!

Find out if you're eligible
Do you own a small business that has never been a part of the 8(a) program?
Is your business over 51% owned and controlled by economically or socially disadvantaged U.S. citizens?
Are your day-to-day and long-term operations managed by a minority or disadvantaged business owner(s)?
Is the business owner’s personal net worth and average adjusted gross income is under $750,000?

     Advantages of 8(a) Certification     


8(A) small businesses also receive preferential consideration when competing for open-bid contracts that are available to the rest of the federal marketplace


8(A) small businesses may subcontract on the jobs they are awarded. That way smaller organizations don’t miss out on any larger prospects because of potential operational size limitations.


8(A) certified organizations are also eligible to access exclusive private sector contracting opportunities outside the federal government.

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