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Talented Tenth Law

Real Estate Investor's

Every year the Federal Government spends more than $70B  on small disadvantaged business entities.


Our job is to make sure you are set up to receive every penny of what you're entitled to.

Find out if you're eligible
Do you have at least an intermediate level of experience in real estate investing?
Have you read at least 3 books in the past two years involving real estate investing?
Do you have access to at least $50,000 worth of capital available for real estate investing?
Do you have at least a 720 FICO credit score and two consecutive year's employment hsitory?

   Exclusive Benefits of Membership  


  • Monthly educational presentations

  • Personalized counseling, Q & A's, training and coaching


  • Recordings of Zoom meetings

  • Access to a private WhatsApp chat group

  • 25% discount off any legal services provided

  • Library of essential real estate investing contracts, resources, directories, and other relevant content.


  • Entity Formation

  • Different Types of Real Estate Investing

  • Key Contract Clauses

  • Essential Facts About Real Estate Litigation

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