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Business Formation

This is the Business Formation Services Page. Following is a list of the benefits you receive when choosing Talented Tenth Law to support your Business Formation needs!



EIN/Tax ID Application

You will receive an IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN, also known as a Tax Identification Number (TIN). An EIN, is a tax ID number for businesses that have employees; are corporations or partnerships; withhold taxes on income paid to nonresident aliens; are involved with certain types of organizations; or file employment, excise, or Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms tax returns. The principal business must be in the United States or a U.S. territory, and the person applying for the EIN must already have a Social Security number, ITIN or other EIN.  


Custom Corporate Kit

Our Custom Corporate Kits are made of high quality two toned textured vinyl and are available in 5 colors: black, brown, blue, green and burgundy. Every Kit Includes:

  • Personalized Binder: Corporate name engraved on the binder spine with a Matching Slipcase

  • Personalized Corporate Seal: This seal is custom finished to include your company name, state and year of incorporation, and can be stored inside the binder in its carry pouch.

  • Transfer Ledger: 8-page alphabetized transfer ledger

  • 20 Personalized Certificates: These elegantly designed numbered security certificates contain your company name and state of incorporation and are printed on the finest security paper available.

  • Minutes and Bylaws: At no extra charge, your personalized binder will include 50 blank pages, or printed minutes and bylaws.

  • and Various Other Helpful Forms.


1 Hour Compliance Consultation

You will also receive up to one hour with Talented Tenth Law to:

  1. Go over additional steps you may need to take to remain in compliance with Florida law after starting a business,

  2. Fully customize your Operating Agreement or Bylaws

  3. Get you off on the right foot towards making your business dreams come true!


State & County Business Registration

Registering a business in Florida may require an entity to register not only at the State level but also with the local county government. Corporate entities are usually required to register with the Division of Corporations, while many professions are required to register with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. County occupational licenses are usually obtained from the local county government.


Operating Agreement or Bylaws

Bylaws include the rules and regulations that govern your corporation. Each state has its own requirements for what items must be included in the bylaws.

Among a number of other details, corporate bylaws generally contain:

  • the structure of the organization

  • the duties and responsibilities of a corporation's members

  • details about the board of directors

  • information about when and where directors' and shareholders' meetings will be held

  • a list of committees

Much the same, limited liability companies (LLCs) in many states are required to create an LLC operating agreement; a document that provides a framework for their operation.

LLC operating agreements typically contain information about:

  • members' percentages of ownership

  • members' rights and responsibilities

  • members' voting powers

  • allocation of profits and losses

  • management details

  • the fiduciary duties of members and managers

Corporations and LLCs aren't required to file their bylaws or operating agreements with the Secretary of State. Still, you should have them in place as soon as you've incorporated or formed your LLC, because these documents are often requested by:

  • lenders, when you're trying to obtain financing

  • banks, when you're opening a business checking account

  • potential business partners or investors

  • attorneys and accountants


Essential Business Forms Kit

You will get a digital bundle of common business forms to help you hit the ground running including:

  1. Startup Business Checklist

  2. General Service Agreement
  3. Corporate Resolution Template

  4. Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure Agreements

  5. Standard Employment/Independent Contractor Agreement

  6. Employee Handbook Template

  7. Business Plan Template

  8. A Variety of Essential Business Planning Worksheets

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