We maximize your 

protection and prosperity

in the courtroom

and the boardroom.

Your Business Attorneys

From startup businesses to established businesses as well as consumers and investors, the attorneys at Talented Tenth Law have experience representing clients in court, drafting contracts and assisting in a wide variety of simple and complex transactions. As a modernized law practice that prides itself on efficiency, communication and accessibility, Talented Tenth Law helps clients maximize their protection and prosperity in the courtroom and the boardroom. 

In The Courtroom


Specifically, when it comes to the litigation work that we do, we focus exclusively on breach of contract cases, general civil litigation cases, first party insurance cases, civil theft cases, and contingency lawsuits against abusive telemarketer companies. 


And The Boardroom


On the transactional side of things, our team provides high-quality legal services for owners and entrepreneurs when it comes to:

  • Starting a business

  • Drafting & reviewing business contracts

  • Buying or selling a business 

  • Getting them registered to bid on government contracts

  • Conducting small business legal & compliance audits tailored to their particular industry

  • Serving as In-House general counsel and business coach for multiple “inner circles” of investors and business owners

Antoine Dumas

Antoine Dumas, Esq.
Owner, Managing Partner

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Jean Baptiste
CFO,  Billing Manager

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Isabella Petrafeza
COO, Paralegal

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Jayme Day, Esq.
Associate Attorney

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Eric Rec
Eric Rec

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Jenai Rec

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Angela Rec

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