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Your protection and prosperity is our business.


We help families get through the challenges presented in divorce, paternity, child support modifications and other types of family law cases so they can find all the healing and peace available to them through the legal system.

Real Estate

We help individual and corporate clients in all types of real estate transactions and litigation


We help small business owners turn the key from owning a job to owning a business so that they can have the time and resources to live the life of their dreams.


We help civil and commercial litigants defend and enforce their rights so that the legal system works for them and not against them.





Angela C.

I needed help with a contract I created for my business, Mr. Dumas took what I wrote and revised it. Let’s just say I have a bullet proof vest on now! I couldn’t have written a more secure contract even if I tried. He went over the contract with me and explained everything so that I understood what my clients would be reading and agreeing to. He also revised it just in time for me to get it to my client. I officially signed my very first client and I couldn’t have done it with out Talented Tenth Law. I’m so grateful! Thank you so much for your help!

Eric M.

Over the last two months I have been communicating with Antoine Dumas. Before he was guaranteed any business from me he took a brief moment to understand my long term ambitions. Most importantly, he urged me to educate myself and pointed to some sources for acquiring critical knowledge, necessary for to reach my goals.

When we did meet he respected my time. He was very efficient in explaining what he was looking for. He is all about empowering his clients.

If you are looking for a firm that values it's clients, wants to see them grow, and wants to ensure they are educated.... reach out to Talented Tenth Law!

Marcus J.

I contacted Mr.Dumas for an issue that came up from years ago that i was told by other lawyers was impossible to fix and I would have to throw thousands of dollars at and hope. Mr.Dumas was confident in his abilities and assured me he was the guy for the fix. NOT ONLY DID HE COME THROUGH HE SAVED ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ... IM MOST GRATEFUL FOR HIS SERVICES AND I RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP...

Nicole F.

I contacted Mr. Dumas last minute on a pressing issue I had as a newly appointed small business owner. He was promt, professional, and clear in explaining all of the details that went along with the sitauation I was faced with. He had all of my documents finalized even sooner than expected. I will gladly use him again in the future for any and all of the services he provides that I may need in the future.

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